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All products come with PDF downloads and Canva templates for you to be able to make any client specific modifications and add your own branding. 

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Wellness Vault


BEST VALUE!!! Monthly membership with access to new 30 recipe pack, four week meal plan, four client ready guides based on members top requests, and 20 social media creatives every month!

High Protein Bundle


30 recipe pack with macro breakdowns, four week meal plan, clean protein shopping guide, high protein snack guide, protein portion guide, portion size guide, healthy optional carbohydrate sides, and healthy condiment blueprint.

Mediterranean Method


30 recipe pack with macro breakdowns, four week meal plan, macro 101 guide, prebiotic and probiotic guide, kids eat healthy guide, and detox methods.

Client Starter Kit


Client intake template, client contract template, goal setting workbook, client survey, healthy food swaps, and macro guide.

Dairy and Grain Free Fix


30 recipe pack with macro breakdowns, four week meal plan, going gluten free guide, anti-inflammatory 101 guide, herb and spice conversion guide, healthy snack guide.

Gut Solution Elimination Diet 


30 recipe pack with macro breakdowns, four week meal plan, approved snack guide, yes/no food list, how to guide, and symptom chart.

Candida Protocol


How to guide, candida testing explanation, candida detox protocol, meal suggestions for the three phases of the candida protocol, and supplement consideration guide.

Plant Based Vegan Plan


30 recipe pack, four week meal plan, plant based protein guide, top vegan prebiotics and probiotics, vegan supplement cheat sheet, brain boosting add ons.

Low Histamine Roadmap


30 recipe pack, 4 week meal plan, Yes/No/Maybe food lists, histamine lowering smoothie guide, low histamine snack guide, and healthy low histamine food swaps.

Simple, Quick, and Nutritious


30 recipe pack, four week meal plan, meal prep 101 guide, how to read food labels, healthy snack guide, guilt free eating out guide, healthy travel eating guide.

Coach's Book of Challenges


5 engaging pre-done challenges for client retention and acquisition, 37 motivational emails to get your clients amped up for each week of the challenge, social media prompts to increase awareness and sign ups.

Hormone Health Blueprint


30 recipe pack, four week meal plan, renew your circadian rhythm guide, cycle syncing and seed cycling guide, graceful menopause guide, bye bye endocrine disruptors guide, hormone health 101, common supplements guide.

Sugar Detox


30 recipe pack, four week meal plan, boost your immune health guide, electrolyte guide, blood sugar hacks cheatsheet, sneaky names for sugar guide.

Family Friendly Plan


30 recipe pack, four week meal plan, kids eat healthy guide, health(ier) desserts guide, cooking with vegetables guide, time saver hacks for healthy habits.

Going Paleo


30 recipe pack, four week meal plan, going paleo guide with yes/no food list, healthy fats guide, and benefits of herb and spice guide.

Anti-Inflammatory Framework


30 recipe pack with full macro breakdowns, meal plan with details grocery list, antioxidant guide, six steps for gut healing blueprint, liver health and detox guide, sneaky names for sugar list.

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  • White Label and PLR Digital Package:

    Our comprehensive digital offering is designed with full white label capabilities and includes Private Label Rights (PLR). This gives you the freedom to rebrand and tailor it according to your specific needs. Create a distinctive and individual identity for your coaching business with minimal effort!

  • Easily Customizable Canva Templates:

    Recognizing the crucial role of customization, we provide a selection of Canva templates that simplify the rebranding process. You can effortlessly integrate your own logo, select colors, and infuse a personal flair, ensuring the final product not only looks professional but also perfectly matches your brand's aesthetic.

  • User-Friendly Content Editing:

    Adjust and personalize the content to better serve your clients. Our editable materials allow you to incorporate your unique insights and modify as needed to suit your coaching style. The flexible structure of our framework enables you to transform it into a product that genuinely reflects your individual approach to coaching.

Hi! I'm Valerie

Have you ever found yourself banging your head against the wall (or your desk) after spending hours behind the computer creating resources that you promised to get to your clients? 

My mission is to make your life as a coach much easier. My professionally designed products have helped thousands of business owners, elevate their business to the next level without lifting a finger. 

My templates and resources can be re-branded and used as your own!

Who am I exactly? I am a doctor of physical therapy and a certified holistic health coach who has fallen in love with the content creation process. I love the design aspect. This combined with the experience as a coach makes me and my products unique. I know what works and what doesn't because I have tried it all! 


  • Can I sell this material to my clients? YES! You can sell any of the content on your website or to your individual clients. Just be sure not to use any images of the purchased material on paid advertisements (such as paid instagram, facebook, or youtube ads).

  • Can I change the content such as add or remove ingredients or change the verbiage to match my clientele? Absolutely! All material comes with the customizable templates. Anything on the templates can be edited however you see fit.

  • How long will I have access to this material? Once you download and save the material, you will have forever access! If you do join the membership, be sure to save each months material before the start of the next month.

  • In what ways can I use the material? There are endless ways to use the content but most customers use the material with their one-on-one clients, within their group coaching programs, or to sell meal plans on their website. You can use some of the material as a lead magnets or freebies but wouldn't be allowed to give entire packages away for free as a lead magnet. Also, images of the material itself could not be used in paid advertisements (though it can be on your website that you're advertisements go to - just not on the ad itself).

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